Avoiding the Healthcare IT Skills Gap

Jan 27, 2023
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The IT skills gap in healthcare is growing more acute on pace with rapid digitalization and technological innovation. As healthcare organizations continue ramping up technology investment, they are finding that the talents and competencies of their workforce don’t match up with the specialized skills needed to support technology projects and implementations.  

This mismatch has healthcare enterprises looking for solutions to help find the highly skilled tech talent they need and avoid the IT skills gap – a skills gap that can adversely impact productivity and stop digital transformation initiatives in their tracks.  

In this environment, how can healthcare organizations find the IT talent they need? The solution is Abra. A digital platform specializing in ready-to-work, contingent healthcare tech talent, Abra helps organizations make the healthcare IT skills gap disappear.  

IT skills gaps are a concern for enterprises across sectors. Red Hat’s Global Tech Outlook Report found that skillset or talent gaps emerged as the top barrier organizations believe will prevent them from achieving their digital transformation goals.  

That’s bad news for an industry like healthcare, experiencing a persistent IT skills gap. The proliferation of technology and innovation in healthcare is significantly increasing demand for IT talent across the board including project managers, application analysts, integration analysts and report developers to name a few.  

To avoid this skills gap, healthcare and other organizations are increasingly leveraging the contingent workforce. A report by Intuit noted that “the long-term trend of hiring contingent workers will continue to accelerate with more than 80% of large corporations planning to substantially increase their use of a flexible workforce.”

A report by Deloitte pointed out that companies with the right approach to leveraging the contingent workforce can benefit from “improved operational performance, lower labor costs, informed staffing decisions, more organizational flexibility, and stronger HR alignment with business objectives.”  

Tapping into a diverse pool of contingent workers allows healthcare enterprises to future-proof their workforce and increase the agility needed to weather changing market and economic conditions. Using this strategy, healthcare organizations win by finding the on-demand, high-quality IT talent they need and contractors win by gaining the job flexibility they want.  

Abra is the robust funnel of contingent healthcare IT talent enterprises need to remain competitive and keep technology innovation and digital transformation on track. The platform simplifies and optimizes talent sourcing by providing instant access to top IT talent, allowing health systems and providers to scale up or down in response to business needs.  

The persistent IT skills gap plaguing the healthcare industry doesn’t have to be a reality for healthcare enterprises. With Abra, healthcare organizations have access to a broad pool of on-demand IT talent which allows them to take a more flexible, agile approach to hiring. By transforming hiring with Abra, healthcare organizations can easily meet their specialized IT workforce demands and avoid the IT skills gap. That’s a business enabler which allows enterprises to build thriving digitally enabled healthcare.

Contact Abra today to find out how we can help your healthcare enterprise avoid the IT skills gap.  


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