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Abra creates a simple way for you to find meaningful and rewarding work.

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Once you create your profile, get notified by the app and by email anytime you have a match.

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Whether you’re seeking full time, part time or fractional work, Abra has you covered.

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Our skills matching technology cuts the clutter, bringing you only relevant opportunities.


Supporting all enterprise applications across the Healthcare Technology ecosystem.

Abra's is the only automatic skills matching technology available in the industry, matching you directly to the employers who need your experience!

Program Managers

Serve as a subject matter expert and give best practice guidance and lessons learned to support and lead your clients' initiatives.

Project Managers

Manage a project in an industry familiar to you, in the methodology you feel most comfortable with, supporting apps you've managed previously.

Application Managers

Serve as a subject matter expert and give best practice guidance and lessons learned to support and lead your clients' initiatives.

Integration Analysts

Engage in a project that leverages your knowledge of the apps' native APIs, integration engines, and integration standards.

Training & End User Support

Train and support users on systems you've used as a power user and with workflows you're familiar with.

Business Intelligence Developers

Find a project that takes advantage of your in-depth understanding of the data structures & native reporting capabilities of the source systems involved.

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How it works

Finding work on Abra is easy on the Web Portal or on Mobile

Mobile Step 1

Download the app

Abra is available for free on iOS and Android.

Step 2

Create your free account

Using an email you check often, create your set it and forget it profile. This allows us to send you opportunities even if you haven’t checked the app.

Step 3

Input your details

Upload your resume, and input your personal details, experience and availability.

Step 4


Enjoy your life while Abra matches you to opportunities that fit your skills and preferences, without the noise!

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"This is what people in our industry have been clamoring for... One place where we can go to find all available roles. This is what we have needed!"

Leye Esan

EHR Consultant, Abra Talent User

Frequently Asked Questions

We get it. This is a new way of doing things, and you may have questions. Here are some common ones. Don't see yours? Reach out and we're happy to help!

I am still receiving an incomplete profile warning. What do I need to complete?

Verify that all information in your Personal Details screen are complete – including adding a pdf version of your resume. You will not be eligible for matches until your profile is complete.

How do I reset my password?

On the Abra login screen, select ‘Forgot Password’. You will receive a link to your email to reset your password.

Who can see my profile?

Your profile is not viewable by anyone until you match for an opportunity. Upon a match, organizations will be able to see your experience, contract preferences, and first name. Once you and an organization agree to an interview, they will be able to see your full name and resume.

I don't see my specific experience listed. How can I add it?

At any point of the process in adding your experience you do not see roles, products, or experience related to your professional profile, you can select ‘Other’ at the bottom of the list, which will allow you to free text your details. All free-text adds will route to the Abra Admin team to review and approve for adding to our experience taxonomy permanently.

Note that any details added through this method will not be considered in match making until reviewed and approved by the Admin team.

How is my available capacity determined?

Abra determines your total available capacity by using the difference between your total weekly capacity minus your current total hourly commitments per week. If you want to match for additional opportunities in addition to your current commitments, increase your total available capacity per week, or update your current commitments to appropriately represent your hours worked per week.

Remember, no one else, including your current employer, will be able to see your total weekly capacity, current commitments, or available time per week.

Are my current commitments viewable by others?

Your current commitments and total capacity are never viewable by anyone other than yourself.

Can my current employer see my capacity?

By default, your employer cannot see your capacity in Abra. By selecting the ‘Delegate Opportunity Approvals to Current Employer’ on the Availability page, you allow your employer (if they are a registered Abra Organization) to approve any opportunities in addition to your current employment. By checking this box , your indicated employer will be notified when there are opportunities matching your surplus capacity.

How do I set up an interview?

When you have a match you are interested in, simply open the Abra app and tap 'Apply' or 'Ignore' on the opportunity. If you hit 'Apply', an Abra concierge will reach out to you by phone within one business day to confirm your availability and schedule the interview

Why can't I see organization details on an opportunity?

When you match with an opportunity, you can see the key details to determine your interest. Once you and the organization agree to an interview, the organization’s name and additional details will be available for your review.

Why is one of my matches no longer visible?

As organizations review their candidate options and fill their needs, they can pass on talent options. You also will no longer see opportunities that you select to Ignore.

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