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Recruiting in Healthcare IT is inefficient at best and budget breaking at worst. That's why we built Abra.

Launched in November 2022, our proprietary skills matching technology matches the right talent to the right opportunity while reducing employer costs and decreasing the needless noise for talent.

The numbers speak for themselves

Our mission of increasing workforce flexibility and efficiency across the entire Healthcare IT ecosystem is supported by a wide-reaching skills taxonomy, an expansive talent population and significant employer cost savings.

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Healthcare IT resourcing should be easier

Here's what we're doing to make it that way...

Automatic Skills Matching

There are thousands of ways to designate skills, experience and contract preferences within our industry, and we created seamless matching technology for them.

Better Talent Experience

Through direct matching based on skills and preferences, we reduced the noise and wasted time that Health IT talent previously spent vetting wrong-fit opportunities.

Workforce Flexibility

While necessary to move projects forward, historically external contracting is costly to employers and a hassle to consultants, so we streamlined it.

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The people behind the platform

Meet our team of passionate problem solvers.

Steve Glomski
Steve Glomski
Founder and CEO

Jeff Taylor Headshot
Jeff Taylor

Sidney Wathen
Sidney Wathen
Social Media Marketing Manager

"We are on a mission to transform staffing across Healthcare IT. Through skills matching technology like Abra, we can reduce cost to employ for provider organizations, eliminate frustration on behalf of the talent and ultimately improve healthcare from the inside out."

Steve Glomski

CEO and Founder, Abra

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