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Matching you to the talent you need, right when you need them.

Abra’s skills matching technology matches you to the Health IT talent that fit your needs while decreasing your costs to employ them by 20-40%. Let us show you how.

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Meet the world's first talent platform built exclusively for Healthcare IT.

Abra gives you direct access to the talent you need while decreasing your cost to employ Health IT contractors.

20-40% cost savings

when compared to engaging external capacity through traditional methods

Automatic skills matching

We match your demand to the right talent without the manual lift

Increased talent access

to independent contractors, consulting firm benches, & shared capacity of other health systems

Intelligent insights

into when contract flexibility may increase talent options and by how much

Transparency into quality

of resources from verified past engagements

Affordable workforce flexibility

so you can flex your teams to meet peak needs of project demands, without breaking the budget

See it in action today!

Sign-up for a brief tour of Abra’s skills matching technology and see how easy it is to decrease costs while finding the exact talent you need to deliver on your critical projects!

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“Provider organizations need the flexibility of consultants to keep projects moving forward, but this generally comes with significant cost markup. Meanwhile, talent is inundated with irrelevant opportunities on an ongoing basis. We built Abra to solve this problem.”

Steve Glomski

Founder, Abra

Frequently Asked Questions

We get it. This is a new way of doing things, and you may have questions. Here are some common ones. Don't see yours? Reach out and we're happy to help!

What is the cost of using Abra?

There is no cost for any organization to register on Abra and begin posting demand. Abra only collects a small fee based on successful engagements facilitated through our marketplace. Our goal is to create a platform that can benefit all users by reducing costs to find and engage talent, as well as increase transparency into the workforce.

Does Abra assist with interviews, contracting, and onboarding?

The Abra team, along with your Concierge, can assist with all aspects of hiring and onboarding, including interviewing, contracting, onboarding, and offboarding. The goal of Abra’s initial interview process, is to assist with finding the best candidates to fit your needs. A representative from your organization will participate in the final interviewing and selection process.

How does Abra ensure the quality of resources?

Abra aims to provide transparency into the talent marketplace. Talent has the opportunity to invite their past employers to provide feedback for their skillsets, collaboration, and communication. Additionally, after each engagement delivered through Abra, employers are required to provide anonymous quality ratings and reviews on the work delivered by the talent provider. As a part of your talent selection process, you have the opportunity to review this feedback.

We are not sure exactly what type of resource we need for our projects and initiatives. How can we use Abra?

Your Abra Concierge works to thoroughly understand the talent requirements to support your initiatives, and translates these needs into Abra demand, keeping the process as easy as possible for you and your team.

What if we did not get results from Abra for our needs?

Abra is a dynamic marketplace, meaning you are notified of all matches as options change, whether from new talent entering the marketplace, or changing availability of current talent. In the case that there is not an immediate exact match for your needs, Abra provides alternate candidates who may have contract preferences that do not align exactly with your needs, allowing you and the talent marketplace to understand where some flexibility in the engagement may find you the best match.

Are we able to hire talent we find on Abra to work directly for our organization?

Yes! If the talent provider you find on Abra is an independent contractor, you can always engage them directly. The associated fees for facilitating direct engagement is up to 40% less than the industry average finder's fee. For more information on direct hires facilitated through Abra, reach out to your Abra concierge.

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What could you accomplish with a 20-40% savings on your contractor budget this year?

Let us show you what's possible.

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