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Abra frees up your time and helps you stay competitive in the market.

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The tool to help your team stay ahead of the game

Leverage our proprietary skills matching technology to reduce your time spent sourcing and focus on the work that only you can do.

Up to 33% cost reduction

to identify new talent for your clients, as compared to traditional recruitment methods

Reduced bench time

for existing delivery team members

Improved utilization

of internal consultants by aligning fractional demand with excess time team members may have available

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“Traditionally, the healthcare technology staffing model requires recruiters to keyword search resumes, to operate blindly on talent contract preferences, and often to make hundreds of phone calls just to get one interested, right-fit candidate. Abra's technology saves time allowing for better results, faster.”

Steve Glomski

Founder, Abra

Frequently Asked Questions

We get it. This is a new way of doing things, and you may have questions. Here are some common ones. Don't see yours? Reach out and we're happy to help!

What is the cost of using Abra?

Abra has different packages to meet your firms needs. Contact us for more information.

Will our brand be visible to organizations or others engaging our services through Abra?

Identifying information is obscured until an organization confirms a match for interviewing.

Can we facilitate all contracting with our clients?

Abra allows you to keep your relationships with your contractors and clients, even when identified through the Abra platform. An Abra Concierge assists with aligning your contracting processes with Abra fees and services.

Can we engage talent on Abra in a W-2 employment relationship?

Yes! If the talent provider you find on Abra is an independent contractor, you can always engage them directly. If the talent provider is an employee of another organization, that organization would have to agree to release their employee to your organization. If the organization is unwilling to release their employee, you can always engage them as a subcontractor still where their is surplus capacity. The associated fees for facilitating direct engagement is up to 40% less than the industry average finder's fee. For more information on direct hires facilitated through Abra, reach out to your Abra concierge.

How can we protect our client's confidentiality using Abra?

Your clients can remain confidential when posting demand on Abra, and your firm will display as the hiring organization to talent matches. If you'd still prefer to keep this information private, you have the ability to list the hiring organization as 'confidential'.

How can we publish our team's surplus capacity on Abra?

Abra is a talent first platform, meaning all talent will create and maintain their own profiles, with the ability to link to their employer organizations. For help getting your team registered and published on the Abra marketplace, reach out to your Abra Concierge.

How many users are currently using Abra?

Abra is a rapidly growing community. We will regularly update the community on growth, but if you would like data now, please reach out via our contacts page.

We already have a recruiting team. How is Abra useful to us?

Recruiting new talent for your client projects is expensive and time consuming. In a competitive market, speed is crucial. Abra enables your team to instantly capture quality talent options with less manual intervention from your team. Abra also notifies you in real time when new talent options that align with your demand based on changes in the market. Talent acquisition production can triple with the speed and access offered by Abra, reducing lost revenue from missed opportunities.

How does Abra reduce the lift of hands-on recruiting that exists today?

Abra aggregates talent from all areas in the industry, providing your firm a central location to find the right talent for your clients. Not only do you have immediate access to a larger pool of talent sources, you also have access to individuals with fractional capacity in the industry, giving you the ability to better staff your needs with top quality support.

How can we be confident in the quality of talent on Abra?

Abra aims to provide transparency into the marketplace. Talent has the opportunity to invite past managers to provide feedback on their skillsets, collaboration, and communication skills. Also, completed engagements through Abra require a brief post engagement review, keeping talent providers accountable to delivering quality work. As a part of your talent selection process, you will have visibility into these quality and feedback reviews.

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