Introducing Abra: The World's First Talent Platform Designed Exclusively for the Healthcare IT Ecosystem

Nov 8, 2022
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The healthcare sector today is seeing surging demand for tech talent.

This demand is increasing across industries, reflecting the massive shift toward digital transformation and setting up fierce competition for tech talent. In this environment, it is no surprise that sourcing IT talent is one of the biggest challenges facing healthcare enterprises today. But….

What if there was a platform designed to help healthcare organizations easily access high quality talent?

What if technology could supercharge IT talent hiring, reducing costs and increasing efficiency?

What if connecting with and hiring the right talent with the right availability worked like magic?

Enter Abra; a talent platform designed to help healthcare organizations do all that and more!

Abra is the world's first talent community designed exclusively for the healthcare IT ecosystem.

The online platform and app, available on iOS and Android, aggregates healthcare IT talent from the most comprehensive sources including independent contractors, consulting firm team members, and even shared capacity of provider organizations’ IT teams.

Abra is the faster, easier way to connect healthcare organizations with the IT talent they need when they need it.

By collecting requirements, timing, and preferences directly from employers and IT professionals, Abra matches the right talent to the right organizations.

No other staffing or talent platform uses the parameters and preferences of both employers and workers to optimize the recruiting and hiring process.

In fact, engagements facilitated through Abra are projected to save employers up to 47% when compared to options available up to this point.

By harnessing the power of Abra:

Employers can access the Health IT talent they need right when they need them, all while gaining better insight into the talent pool through quality reviews from former employers

Health systems and consulting/staffing firms alike can share talent needs with relevant workers, find future team members, as well as share their teams’ fractional capacity with other organizations, resulting in reduced costs and lead time, and better utilization of their team members’ capacity

Talent can access all of their relevant opportunities in one place, cutting out the clutter of opportunities that are not a fit for their skills and preferences

Consulting firms can improve utilization and reduce bench time for contractors, ultimately decreasing costs and providing new revenue opportunities 

At Abra we are on a mission to transform the healthcare IT recruiting and hiring process, increasing on-demand access to talent and helping vet and onboard flexible Health IT professionals.

Healthcare employers need flexible access to talented IT professionals – Abra is the place to find just that.

Abra is available to both employers and talent at no cost. Get started today:

Healthcare organizations, Consulting and Staffing Firms

Find out how you can optimize IT talent recruiting, hiring and utilization by connecting with an Abra Concierge today.

Health IT Professionals

Get started by downloading the Abra app now available in beta on iPhone or on Google Play!

To learn more about Abra:

Follow the conversation on LinkedIn.

Read the press release.


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