Optimizing the Healthcare IT Candidate Experience with Talent Platform Technology

Dec 6, 2022
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Hospitals and health systems are leveraging technology to improve a wide range of processes from integrating electronic health records (EHRs) data in real-time to automating workflows to monitoring patients remotely and much more.  

Today, talent platform technology can help healthcare enterprises do the same when it comes to improving the IT job candidate experience.

Platforms like Abra are transforming the way tech talent accesses opportunities in the healthcare sector and how healthcare organizations find and hire top IT talent.  

Designed specifically for the healthcare industry, Abra helps hospitals and health systems optimize the candidate experience from end-to-end. That’s critical for healthcare organizations that need the best talent in a highly competitive and candidate-driven job market.

What is candidate experience, really?

Candidate experience is defined as a job seeker’s perceptions and reactions to a company’s hiring process including sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding. A poor candidate experience can influence an applicant’s decision to accept or decline a job offer and potentially result in negative reviews about the hiring process, adversely impacting company reputation.

With Abra, healthcare enterprises can optimize the candidate experience through every touchpoint in the hiring process.  

Abra helps healthcare enterprises deliver an exceptional candidate experience from end-to-end by:

  • Taking the friction out of the hiring process – With Abra, IT talent no longer has to sort through high volumes of irrelevant opportunities. The platform matches their skills, availability and engagement preferences to potential healthcare employers. This provides talent with seamless access to all best-fit job opportunities in one place, eliminating the major time sink of evaluating ones that are not. As a specialized healthcare talent platform, the Abra experience also means that talent seeking jobs in healthcare IT don’t have to enter their information on multiple sites.
  • Streamlining the hiring process – Abra accelerates the recruitment process. Using AI and machine learning, Abra’s technology collects real-time data and information to connect the right candidates with the right companies. That speeds up time to hire, which improves a candidate’s experience overall.
  • Empowering candidates – On the Abra platform, candidates can take control of their job search journey. They can share their preferences and availability to multiple firms, organizations, and recruiters and control notification preferences, including in-app notifications, text messages, push notifications, and email.
  • Increasing transparency – Abra provides transparency in the marketplace with market insights on supply and demand for IT skills across the healthcare ecosystem.

The time to lean on technology is now

Now more than ever, healthcare organizations need technology like Abra to provide the modern candidate experience IT job seekers want. Today, the tight labor market coupled with a pervasive healthcare IT skills gap are a wakeup call for companies across the healthcare sector to invest in technology that optimizes the candidate experience.  

A Deloitte 2019 Human Capital Survey found that only 6% of respondents believed that their organization’s recruitment functions had the best-in-class process and technology. Deloitte noted that “since organizations are most behind in their methods of utilizing technology to rewire their talent acquisition processes, leveraging new technologies may be the most transformational way to improve the candidate’s experience.”

Candidates want a great experience and healthcare companies want to hire top IT talent – that’s where Abra can help.  

Contact us today to find out how your healthcare enterprise can optimize the candidate experience and convert the right candidates into team members.

Are you a Health IT Professional with experience providing support to Enterprise EHR, ERP, Business and Service Applications in Healthcare Provider Organizations? Register and complete for your free talent profile on Abra by December 31st and you’ll get access to our first Abraconomy Market Report in early 2023, including pay insights for your skills!


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