Solving for the Healthcare IT Talent Squeeze

Nov 1, 2022
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The pace of innovation and digital transformation in healthcare accelerated during the pandemic and is unlikely to slow down.

The need for information technology (IT) talent is increasing as healthcare organizations turn to technology to drive efficiency, improve patient care and reduce costs.

While finding and competing for talent is one of the biggest operational challenges for healthcare enterprises today, emerging technology is helping these companies find the right IT talent with the right availability, improving agility in hiring and providing on-demand access to talent.

IT staffing is a major challenge facing healthcare providers and health systems today.

In fact, a poll by Becker’s Hospital Review found that hospital CIOs ranked IT staffing as the top challenge facing them in 2022. That’s not surprising considering that pandemic-driven digital transformation turned most companies into technology companies, intensifying competition for IT talent.

Today, hospitals and health systems are not only competing against each other for top tech talent but with tech giants like Amazon, Google and Meta.

Consulting firm McKinsey noted that “despite the formidable challenges in finding tech talent, incumbent companies cannot expect to succeed in the digital world without being technologically strong, which is simply not possible without a deep bench of tech talent. In fact, developing robust people and talent strategies are among the highest-value actions a business can take. Tech talent, therefore, should be a CEO’s top priority.”

In a digital-first era, the search for healthcare IT talent with the required skill sets and competencies is elevated beyond an HR issue to a mission-critical operational issue. Relying on traditional staffing strategies in a hyper competitive talent market is no longer the most effective paradigm for solving healthcare’s IT talent problem.

Leveraging technology can help healthcare organizations solve the critical operational imperatives of sourcing top tech talent and flexible IT support.

The right technology can optimize recruiting and hiring processes, saving healthcare organizations time and money. Innovative technology soon to be introduced from Abra is designed to increase access to the healthcare technology talent pool and reduce the cost of talent acquisition.

Abra disrupts traditional talent acquisition models by aggregating healthcare IT talent capacity from the most comprehensive sources including independent contractors, consulting firm benches, and even shared capacity of provider organizations’ IT teams. The platform injects agility into recruiting and hiring, allowing healthcare organizations to easily and seamlessly fill roles and scale resources to meet short and long-term needs.

With a deep talent funnel that supports hiring efforts, Abra is the platform healthcare enterprises need to solve the healthcare IT talent acquisition problem.

We can’t wait to introduce Abra, but don’t wait to contact us to find out how harnessing the power of our platform can help connect you to the IT talent you need when you need it.

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