Taking the Frustration Out of the Healthcare IT Job Search

Dec 20, 2022
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Meet Cody, a Senior Epic Beaker Analyst whose current contract is ending shortly after the first of the year.  

Cody is looking for a new opportunity that allows him to expand his skill set and offers flexible, remote work options. While he knows there is demand for his expertise, he is encountering a number of frustrating aspects to the job search including finding the best match for his professional experience and finding market information that will allow him to make the best career decision.  

One of the most frustrating things about Cody’s job search is spending hours toggling between job platforms and sifting through job opportunities that are not relevant to his experience and skill set.  

He doesn’t want to settle for an opportunity that isn’t ideal, but he is tired of the major time sink of finding the best-fit job for him. Cody would really like to flip the script so jobs would find him instead of him searching out opportunities.

Cody is also frustrated by lack of access to reliable market data around pay rates. With no visibility into this data, he wonders how he can ask for the right pay rate based on his skills and experience.

If this sounds familiar, the good news is there is a solution for a frustration-free healthcare IT job search.  

That solution is Abra, the first talent platform created exclusively for Healthcare IT. Abra aggregates market demand from employers and matches talent with the most relevant opportunities.  

That means professionals like Cody will only see opportunities that are a match for them.  

With Abra’s data-driven platform, healthcare IT professionals gain choices that allow them more autonomy and control over their job search journeys…and a lot less noise from recruiters messaging and calling about opportunities that aren’t the right fit.

Abra also helps healthcare IT talent gain much needed visibility into their market value.  

In fact, when we recent surveyed 400 health IT contractors, we found that pay rate index data based on skills and experience was overwhelmingly ranked as the number one insight these contractors wanted.  

To meet the need for more transparency in the healthcare IT market, the new Abraconomy Market Report will provide pay rate index data to help talent confidently assert their value based on the going market rate for their skills and experience.  

The Abraconomy Market Report, coming in early 2023 is exclusively available to talent who register and complete their free talent profile on Abra by December 31. To get started, simply download the app in the App Store or Google Play, then sign up for the report once your profile is complete.

Experiencing frustrations like Cody in your healthcare IT job search? Join Abra today to move directly to evaluating right-fit opportunities and away from searching for them. Learn more at https://www.abra.io/.


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