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Abra supports all talent no matter where they fall in today’s market and all employers including provider organizations and consulting firms.

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  • Real time access to available work opportunities that align with your preferences, skills, and capacity

  • An easier way for you to share your preferences and availability to multiple firms, organizations, and recruiters

  • More options to leverage your fractional time and increase your income potential

  • New opportunities to take on roles that facilitate growth

  • Market insights on supply and demand for not only your skills but others as well

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of using Abra?

As a talent first platform, Abra's services are free of charge to all talent providers using the platform.

How will I be notified of potential opportunity matches?

When you set up your talent profile, you have the opportunity to control your notification preferences, including in-app notifications, text messages, push notifications, and email.

What if I am interested in an opportunity that I am a 'close match' for?

Just like an 'exact match' you are able to indicate your interest in an 'close match' opportunity. We also recommend that you update your profile preferences and availability accordingly to align with the opportunity as an exact match so that your profile stands out as more visible to the employer organization offering the opportunity.

How far out can I project my upcoming availability?

Abra allows you to project your upcoming availability for up to 24 months.

If I am selected by an organization, what happens next?

Once you complete your interview and are selected by an organization to deliver services for their need, an Abra representative contacts you to complete your agreements and organization specific onboarding.

Can I use Abra if I am currently employed by an organization?

Yes! Abra aggregates all industry capacity, including time that talent has outside of their current commitments or work hours. Please verify with your current employer if there are any employment considerations.

Who can see feedback left by my previous managers?

Feedback left by your previous managers is only visible to organizations that have an opportunity that you are a match for. You and other talent on the platform cannot view your feedback.